August 2018 Calendar of Events

Mark your calendars! Here is our event schedule for the month of August. Be sure to stop by for one of our exciting programs. Please join us for our Summer Reading Closing Carnival. Libraries Rock!

Hidden Rocks Around Town!

Our illustrated rocks for the Summer Reading Program are hidden around the village!  Kids, keep your eyes peeled for rocks painted with book illustrations. Return the illustrated rock to the library, and the associated book is yours to keep! The books are appropriate for various ages, so please, if you find a rock and don’t want the illustrated book, re-hide it for another to find! We hope to give away a bunch of books by the end of the summer!

Summer Reading Program!

Check out our plan for the Summer Reading Program! We have tons of games and events going on here at the library! Even if you couldn’t make it to our kickoff party, it’s not too late to sign up your children up for Summer Reading. Visit the library so your child can get their folder and participate in our reading card game for a chance to win prizes! Libraries Rock!!!

Click the image for a bigger copy!

Check out our Robotics Team, the Evarts Engineers!

Click the poster for a bigger view! Our next Robotics meeting will be Friday, August 3rd. We meet every other Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Ages 10+