2017 Proposed Budget and Trustee Election

On Wednesday, October 19, voters in the D. R. Evarts Library district will be asked to vote on a 2017 operating budget and fill four seats on the library’s Board of Trustees.

Current trustee Nora Adelman is running for reelection for a third term. Nora is a retired reading teacher and has been a valuable contributor during her tenure as a trustee. There are four potential newcomers seeking election to the Board of Trustees. Jim Molloy is a retired Social Studies teacher and former adjunct instructor at both Marist College and Columbia-Greene Community College. Michael Pirrone has an extensive financial background and has volunteered his time to serve on numerous boards and committees. Judy Polkow has a very diverse background in education, entertainment/media, business and the arts as well as a commitment to volunteerism. Kathy Weber has an intense love for the Arts and a commitment to leading and teaching our youth and is a published writer, artist and musician.

Residents will be asked to consider an operating budget for 2017 that will allow the library to expand upon the progress it has made in programming, technology, collection development, staff outreach and operating hours. Due to volunteer support, the Friends of the D. R. Evarts Library and generous contributions from local organizations and businesses, the proposed tax revenue increase has been kept to $7,379.22. The library has seen a drastic increase in use, both in overall attendance and in the utilization of its physical and digital collections. This budget will allow the library to fund increased patron demands.

Voting will take place at the D. R. Evarts Library located at 80 Second Street in Athens from 12pm to 8pm on October 19, 2016. For more information on the proposed budget or trustee candidates, please visit or contact the library at 945-1417.

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Budget and Trustee Vote

D. R. Evarts Library Seeks Trustees
The Library’s budget vote and election of trustees will be held on Wednesday, October 19th from 12pm until 9pm at the library.
Three Board of Trustee seats are open for this election. Trustees serve three year terms and must be residents of the Town/Village of Athens who also reside in the Coxsackie-Athens or Cairo-Durham School Districts. To secure a place on the election ballot, interested individuals are required to submit petitions to the library no later than September 21st . Each individual petition must contain twenty-five signatures from qualified voters in the library district. Petitions are currently available at the D.R. Evarts Library, 80 Second St., Athens.
Members of the D.R. Evarts Library Board have the opportunity to contribute to a beloved community asset. Trustees support the smooth operation of the library through communication with the Library Director, creation of policies and fiscal management. Trustees act as both community representatives and advocates of the library. They must carefully consider all issues brought before them, basing their decisions on the best interests the library and the community it serves.
If you would like further information regarding becoming a trustee or would like to request an absentee ballot for the election, please contact the library at 945-1417.