Support Our Library’s Capital Campaign

With your generous support, we’ve raised $11,000 of our $150,000 Goal so far!!!  

Ramp Up the Evarts!!

Over the last couple of years, your D. R. Evarts Library Board of Trustees has been working to make our library accessible.  We can’t wait to finally welcome our neighbors with mobility challenges, and parents with strollers into our building.  The improvement plans include a ramp and elevator for access to both the main and lower levels.  Of course, these additions will be sensitive to the historic nature of our beautiful library.

Project Information

What’s new in our Accessible Library Project?

– Exterior Ramp to the Main Floor to welcome ALL into our Library

– Elevator to the Lower Level for programs, meetings, and workshops

– Necessary expansion on the Main Level for stack access and a similar expansion on the Lower Level

– Better placement of the circulation desk to allow for easier access to resources

– Renovated restroom for accessibility and changing station

– Emergency exit from the Lower Level


While we’ve worked to secure substantial grants, we need your help to raise the remaining funds to Ramp Up the Evarts!   Please help support our Library project through our capital fundraising campaign.