2020 March 23

Chapter Book Reading Club

Join Ms Kit on a reading journey through John Grisham’s popular chapter book series, 

“Theodore Boone, The Activist”

“Theodore Boone, The Accused”

“Theodore Boone, The Abduction”

“Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer”

You can hear a new chapter each day.  All chapters will remain available until the library reopens.

All Library video recordings are available on our D. R. Evarts Library YouTube channel, accessible through this Link.  


Origami Club

Join Thea on Tuesdays at 3:30pm to learn to create beautiful origami shapes by cutting and folding paper.  You’ll need thin paper, such as wrapping paper, and scissors.   All ages are welcome to participate.

Click HERE to join the class on Tuesday at 3:30pm.

Magic the Gathering Card Game

Play Magic the Gathering with Friends and Neighbors!  You’ll need a card deck to play.  Don’t have cards?  Give us a call at 518-945-1417 or email us and we can arrange for you to pick up one of our decks to use.  Using Zoom, you can chat while you play. 

Playing card games using Zoom is a little tricky.  You’ll need to prop up your device or computer so you can see your partner’s cards and they can see yours.  See the picture on the poster for one idea.  Get creative!  It’ll be worth it.  

Click HERE to join the class at 1pm on Wednesdays.

CADRE U.S. History

The National Archives is uploading their collection onto the internet.  They need our help transcribing and tagging documents to make them searchable.  Join us to learn how and then discuss all the interesting documents you’ve helped transcribe and tag.

Click HERE to join Thea at 10am on Tuesdays

Comics Club with Zoom

Kids of all ages are invited to learn about comics, read comics and make comics every Monday from the comfort of your home!

Every week we will have a warm up drawing exercise, talk about some comics basics and of course make comics! All you need for our Comics Club is paper and something to draw with, but it’s also great if you have something to color your comic and a ruler to make straight lines. (The edge of a book can work too!)

Send an email to to let Kit know to expect you.