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Some of our favorite recipes featured at library programs:

Green Salsa for Canning

Apple Sauce Recipe

Chicken/Turkey Broth Recipe

Upcoming Programs


Program Description:  By popular demand, the D. R. Evarts Library is bringing you another great workshop on canning/preserving. Thanksgiving is nearly here, and that means many of us will be using the leftover turkey carcass to make some delicious turkey broth. Ever wanted to learn how to preserve that broth to use later this year? Well come to our workshop and see how by learning the skill of pressure canning. Bring your own broth and our presenters can help you preserve it that night!
Date/Time: Monday, December 2 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
Registration/Audience: Please call 518-945-1417 to RSVP or email


Program Description:Need help getting health insurance? Navigators from the Healthcare Consortium will help you enroll in quality, affordable health insurance, including Medicaid, Child Health Plus and the Essential Plan, through the New York State of Health: the Official Health Plan Marketplace. Navigators can also help you apply for financial assistance to reduce the cost of coverage. Services are free!
Consumers need to be able to provide the following for each person in the tax filing household: 
  • Birth dates and social security numbers
  • Identity documentation for legal immigrants (i.e. permanent resident card, naturalization certificate, US passport)
  • Employer and income information (earned/unearned income for everyone in the household for the current year)
  • Examples include:
        • Last four weeks of paystubs from current employer
        • Final paystub for all previous employers in the current year
        • If no income within last year, need letter from last employer
        • For those self-employed, if their tax return is not an accurate reflection of their income, they will need to provide their last 3 months of income and expenses
  • Information about any additional insurance available for the consumer and family (insurance card, ID #s, premium cost, who can be covered)
  • List of medications/doctors
Date/Time: Monday, December 9 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 
Registration/Audience: Please call 518-945-1417 to make an appointment, email or walk-in the day of.
Assistance is FREE and OPEN TO EVERYONE.

Program Description: A former June Taylor Dancer on the Jackie Gleason television show in the 1960s, Lee Anne moved from being a performance artist, to working at major advertising agencies, founding a marketing communications consultancy to major marketers. For the past two decades, Lee Anne finally returned to her creative roots. She has spent these years as an essay and short story writer, photographer, and painter. She recently published her first book, A Time to Mourn& A Time to Dance … A Pilgrimage from Death to Full Life.
Join Lee Anne as she reads from her book, discusses the stories and events that have shaped her life and take part in a Q&A and discussion session.
From her own words: “This is a true story and it is mine. For many reasons, it took two decades to write 167 pages. I contributed my hands, memories, and the willingness to tell a story including well-loved, hotly debated, and, hopefully, inspirational themes: Joy and Sorrow. Abundance and Lack. Living Fully. Abortion. Love and Forgiveness. Buddhism and God. Christianity and Jesus. And, living in Camelot!” 
Date/Time: Monday, December 9 6:30-8:00 p.m. 
Registration/Audience: Please call 518-945-1417 to RSVP or email to register.
Talk is FREE and meant for an adult audience. 

Program Description: Holidays are a difficult time when we are feeling sad, and the feeling of grief is present. How best can we manage our emotions during this time when so many expect us to be cheerful? We would love for you to join Claudia Coenen, a certified grief counselor at The Karuna Project in Hudson, as she discusses methods on how to move through the holiday season when feelings of loss are present. There will be discussions on how to focus on what is meaningful now, a look at how to remember and honor old traditions while also focusing on quick and effective tools to help prevent feeling overwhelmed during the holidays.
Claudia Coenen offers workshops on fear and grief processing, and is the author of Shattered by Grief: Picking up the Pieces to Become WHOLE Again. Claudia is a fellow in thanatology (scientific study of death) through the Association of Death Education and Counseling and holds a Masters in transpersonal psychology. Claudia will share her story about the loss of her husband, and how she was inspired to pursue her mission to support those in grief and help them discover practices to navigate their journey.
This free discussion/session will conclude with an opportunity to purchase signed copies of Claudia’s book Shattered by Grief.
Date/Time: Monday, December 16 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Registration/Audience: Please call 518-945-1417 to RSVP or email to register.
Talk is FREE and meant for an adult audience.

If you ever have a suggestion/request for a program you’d like to see please call the library at 518-945-1417, email us at, or just stop by and speak to a staff member.